Used Cars in St. Peters MO: Featuring a Used Chevrolet Captiva

used cars in St. Peters MO

Test drive quality used cars in St. Peters MO at GMT Auto West.

Crossovers make great used cars in St. Peters MO. Attractive looks, sufficient space and remarkable fuel mileage are what makes used crossovers appealing used cars in St. Peters MO to buy.  As a new arrival,  the preowned 2014 Chevrolet Captiva  is GMT Auto West’s feature vehicle of the week. Perfect for car drivers, bearing a lengthy auto car shopping list.

Presenting the Used Chevrolet Captiva Sport LT

When local residents shop for used cars in St. Peters MO,  GMT Auto West has hundreds of like new, preowned vehicles like the feature 2014 Chevrolet Captiva.

Step Inside this Used Car

Age: Under one years old.

Driving history: The 2014 used crossover shows (more…)

Recycling Isn’t Just for Earth Day Says O’Fallon Used Cars Dealer

O’Fallon Used Cars Dealer Promotes Recycling in O’Fallon

O'Fallon MO recycle

Photo Courtesy of the City of O’Fallon, MO. Meet ROSCOE, O’Fallon’s ongoing recycle program.

In observation of Earth Day, O”Fallon used cars dealer, GMT Auto West  reviews the details of  O”Fallon, Missouri’s recycle program.

“Recycling represents an essential part of O’Fallon’s fabric,” declares the general manager of the used cars O’Fallon Missouri dealership.

How to Recycle in O’Fallon Missouri?

Recycling could not be (more…)

Top YouTube Car Videos to Watch + Nominate

What do Aston Martin DB10, Mercedes-Benz F-015 Luxury in Motion and Watercars share in common? Each vehicle stars in a YouTube video, where the driving experience plays like a movie or fantasy. GMT Auto West, St. Peters auto dealer nominated three videos for their ability to virtually transport the viewer from bystander to a vicarious thrill seeker.

Watch and nominate your favorite Youtube video, involving a car.

Best Getaway Scene in an Aston Martin DB10

Only in the life of James Bond is an Aston Martin DB10 the target of gunfire. YouTube footage of the  the unreleased “SPECTRE” film surfaced at  Digital Trends,  The behind the

We chose these three videos for the awe-inspiring fantasy. Fantasy is what makes the top auto YouTubes so fascinating. From vehicles that navigate the water and land, to self driving car to a behind the scene’s

scenes (also refereed to as “spy footage”) car escape video depicts a getaway scene within a getaway scene.  The video reveals an Aston Martin DB10, maneuvering dangerously close to other vehicles parked at the Bienheim Palace, as it dodges bullets with a  camera rigged on its roof.

  • The new James Bond film SPECTRE”  is due out in November 2015.

Best Driverless Car Video

No tips required. In the world of Mercedes-Benz F-015 Luxury in Motion, there’s no stop signs, traffic worries, or (more…)

Best Used Trucks to Buy and Love

best used truck to buy

Test drive the best used trucks to buy at GMT Auto WestI

Shopping for the best used trucks to buy varies by manufacturer and price. The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, 2014 Toyota Tundra, and other specially priced used trucks for sale continue drive consumer demand at some O’Fallon used car dealers.

There’s also no depreciation on any of the used trucks for sale at  O’Fallon used car dealer, GMT Auto West. 

“We’ve priced our preowned trucks and SUV,  just below the National Automotive Dealer’s Association (NADA) and competitive with other St. Charles and O’Fallon used cars dealers in Missouri.

O’Fallon Used Cars Dealer Features the Best Used Trucks to Buy

GMT Auto West helps auto buyers shop for  amazing deals on  some of the best used trucks to buy in St. Charles, St.Peters and O’Fallon. Auto buyers save hundreds to thousands of dollars  on the selection of used trucks for sale at

Here’s a mini preview of the used trucks and (more…)

The Fuel Economy Report 2015

used car dealerships

Photo Courtesy:

GMT Auto West, a used car dealership, selling preowned vehicles  in O’Fallon, MO highlights five factors, which influence fuel economy.

As vehicles age, they tend to lose fuel efficiency. In fact, an automobile loses approximately one to five percent of its fuel economy each year. Over the course of a decade, a preowned vehicle could lose fifty percent of its efficiency, depending on its mileage, wear and tear.,

GMT Auto West is the preferred used car dealership, serving the communities of St. Peters, St. Charles and O’Fallon, Missouri.

Load factor.
Weight and vehicle capacity affect a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. So a cargo free, passenger vehicle, transporting (more…)

Analyzing a Vehicle History Report

St. Peters Used Car Dealer Tells How to Read a Vehicle History Report

Used auto reports illustrate a preowned vehicle’s history. and CarFax are the most popular sources of reports.

However, some St Peters used car dealers   simplify consumer research, by providing a vehicle history report, by prominently displayed with each preowned automobile’s descriptions.

See these preowned autos with vehicle history reports.

In terms of analyzing a preowned vehicle’s history, peruse prior accidents. Cars surviving a major collision could have structural damage, rendering the car a driving hazard.

Number of previous owners.
Be leery of any preowned car with more than two owners in three years or fewer. An abnormal number of owners could mean there is something mechanically wrong with the automobile.

Auto+ Parts Recalls.
Auto recalls range in severity, according to the defect. In that, a loose cup-holder is not as perilous as a faulty seatbelt. For the latest list of recalls, visit (more…)

St. Charles MO Dealer: Search, Finance + Drive

used cars in St. Charles MOAt GMT Auto West, the car buying environment is all about the car buyer’s experience. From the St. Charles MO dealer’s website, inventory, consumer information to its hassle free financing terms, GMT Auto West wins customer satisfaction on many levels.

Complete Preowned Vehicle Details.

Starting at the website,, a commercial features  the latest arrivals of used cars in St. Charles MO.

The St. Charles auto dealer website categorizes its 1000-plus inventory by make, model, year, body style, and year.

Used Cars in St. Charles MO Dealer: Assures Easy Auto Buying

“We provide our site visitors all the vehicle details to make an informed decision,” acknowledges a sales consultant, familiar with the sales process for  used cars in St. Charles MO.

From the vehicle’s specification page, visitors have the ability to even analyze the car history report.

used cars in St. Charles Mssouri

Financing is always easy at GMT Auto West, the dealer renowned for the best used cars in St. Charles MO.

The used cars in St. Charles MO website, ( allows the end user to customize vehicle searches by previous owners.

Fast, Attentive Customer Support

Then to accommodate today’s time sensitive car buyer, (more…)

Don’t Miss These Best Used Cars Under $10,000

best used cars under $10 K Some of the best used cars under $10,000 are among the inventory featured at a leading St. Charles used cars dealership, GMT Auto West.

Current Inventory
From extended passenger vans to high demand sedans, the selection of inexpensively priced preowned vehicles are forever changing at the Saint Charles used car dealer. “We have new arrivals, driving in everyday,” acknowledges a sales representative.

St. Charles Used Cars Dealer: Test-drive These Best Used Cars under $10,000Saint Charles used cars

Mazda and Toyota happen to be some of the best used cars under $10 K at GMT Auto West. Each preowned vehicle drives more than an economical price, including (more…)

Five-Tips on How To Buy a Used Car

used cars in St. Charles MO

Auto buying checklist provided by GMT Auto West, a preferred used cars in St. Charles MO.

When it comes to auto shopping, there’s a certain amount of pressure to find the best used car–one’s money can buy. If you’re like most vehicle consumers, a quality car without any maintenance issues and a good looking body style are must-haves. So what’s next? An auto loan agent of a used cars St. Charles MO dealerhip, advises the following tips on how to buy a used car.

Smart Buying Tactics – Provided by Used Cars in St. Charles MO Dealership

Stockpile cash for the auto buy.
Whether you have perfect or poor credit, auto buyers improve their borrowing and negotiating power with a five to 15 percent downpayment.

Offering easy financing and special pricing, GMT Auto West, a preferred source for used cars in St. Charles MO, has a 98.5 percent success rate at ma

tching auto buyers (regardless of his or her credit score) with a new or previously owned vehicle.

Secure a free credit check.
One of the most important tips on how to buy a used car–is knowing

O’Fallon MO: 2015 Winter News Report

used cars in o'fallon moTop Dealer for Used Cars in O’Fallon MO Announces Local Headlines

Christmas Tree Drop-off in O’Fallon

O’Fallon Sports Park is the complimentary drop-off site for Christmas trees. Residents are welcom eto discard live trees, free of tinsel, ornaments, lights and any other decorations at the disposal center. Artificial trees, shrubs and wreaths are exclusions of the O’Fallon free Christmas drop off program, running between December 26 through January 11.

Location: O’Fallon Sports Park and Civic Park, O’Fallon MO

Annual Photographic Showcase

Attend an exhibit, featuring the most picturesque photos. developed by members of the O’Fallon Photo Club. Each year, non professional and professional photographers showcase their best works in color and black-and-white at the Renaud Spirit Center (RSC). O’Fallon Photo Club’s Annual Exhibit happens from January 9 – February 20, 2015.

Address: Renaud Spirit Center (RSC), 2650 Tri Sports Circle, O’Fallon MO 63368

Some Roads Not Plowed by the City of O’Fallon MO

Even though the city of O’Fallon clears snow from most streets, many (more…)