O’Fallon Used Car Dealer October Can Be a Hazardous Month

O'Fallon used car dealerPedestrian and motorist accidents spike around Halloween in O’Fallon, MO. GMT Auto West, a safety advocate and popular O’Fallon used car dealer cites facts, statistics and tactics to stay safe during Halloween.

“Masks, ignoring traffic signs and  distractions account for the greatest cause of pedestrian related fatalities in October,” declares a customer service agent of GMT Auto West.

Children are four times more likely to be a victim of a fatal pedestrian accident on Halloween than any other evening or holiday of the year, reports the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention.

Pedestrian fatalities, involving children under the age of 14, account for an estimated one in four traffic deaths.

In 2012, 12 percent of pedestrian and traffic related deaths transpired during the month of October.

Fifty percent more vehicle accidents occur (more…)

O’Fallon Happenings, and Quirky Holidays in October

used car dealers in O'Fallon MO.

GMT Auto West designates October as the best month to buy a preowned vehicle from a used car dealers in O’Fallon MO.

Used Car Dealers in O’Fallon Lists Events and Observances

In O”Fallon, most residents associate the month of October with Halloween, OctoberFest as well as World Teacher’s Day. Nonetheless, the month of October consists of some quirky days and observances.

For instance, “Name Your Car Day” was designated so that car owners would name his or her vehicle according to its “personality.”

“Although “Name Your Car Day” is Oct. 2 we consider it to be the beginning of an excellent month to buy a preowned vehicle,’ a spokesperson at GMT Auto West, one of the most notable used car dealers in ‘OFallon welcomes auto buyers to schedule a test drive http://www.gmtautowest.com/forms/test-drive <here

The month of October also includes more than 10-different culinary focused days (more…)

GMT Auto West Sells the Best, Used Car Specials O’Fallon


Price used car specials O’Fallon–like this one.

Used car specials in O’Fallon MO are available by numerous manufacturers.
Preowned Audis, BMWs, Cadillacs, Chryslers, Dodges and Chevrolets are all on sale at the St. Charles MO used car dealership’s lot.

According to a GMT Auto West sales representative, “We’re one of the most beloved St. Charles MO used car dealership. Customers love our dealership. Because we focus on   quality preowned vehicles, slashed prices, and  fuss-free financing.”

An Amazing Used Car Price
“We recently reduced the price on the 2007 Toyota Camry.” The preowned convertible has very little mileage for its 7 year old life. A vehicle report, provided by CARFAX shows no recalls or any indication of an odometer roll back.
Used car prices: Under $15 K.

In St. Charles MO, Used Car Dealer, GMT Auto West is the preferred source for used car specials O’Fallon. Compare used car prices http://www.gmtautowest.com/inventory/newsearch/Used/special1/ <here.

Extreme Value
Out of all the used car specials (O’Fallon), this one embodies luxury, safety, and fuel economy all in one.

St Charles MO used car dealerships


Four wheel drive, 30 miles per gallon on the highway  with 8-way adjustable seating make this used 2012 Volvo S60 T5 an extreme value buy.
Used car price: Under $23 K.

FYI: On any give day, selective auto buyers find dozens upon dozens of quality used car specials O’Fallon at GMT Auto West.

Almost Brand New
Equipped with all the conveniences to ease (more…)

O’Fallon Dealer Reviews its Used Car Safety Checklist

used car safety checklist

Evaluate these auto parts of the used car safety checklist

The used car safety checklist is often the most overlooked research during the car buying process. “The added value of buying a preowned vehicle is the availability of consumer information, reviews and feedback,” divulges a used car salesman at OFallon used cars.

Where to compare the used car safety checklist?
At the federally-managed website, Safer.gov, vehicle are rated up to 5five stars for being safe, including : body style driver, passenger, rear occupant, front occupant, head and chest air bag.

These days, most new and used cars are designed with anti-locking braking system (ABS). Engineered to identify when brakes are slipping or locked, ABS enables motorists to stop and steer an automobile to safety.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW), detects vehicles ahead, cautioning the driver of impending collisions.

Lane departure warning (LDW) monitors road lane markings, submitting an alert when the vehicle veers into another lane.

“When comparing used cars to buy, check the SaferCar.gov for any recalls on airbags, ABS and other used car safety parts. Most of the vehicle reports by CARFAX denote whether the used cars safety parts are on a the recall list,” admits a vehicle specialist of the O’Fallon used cars dealership.

To monitor the distance between a moving automobile and ones in front of it, (more…)

Consumer IQ: Securing Auto Loans for Bad Credit

Used cars in St. Peters MO

Used cars in St. Peters MO (like this 2013 Ford Escape) accompany hassle-free financing

Consumer Credit Buying Tips for Used Cars in St. Peters MO

Starting at 2 percent, low interest rates are making it possible for customers with good credit scores to qualify for extremely affordable auto  loans, But, what about the car buyer, who needs auto loan for bad credit? At the used cars in St. Peters MO dealership, a financial advisor recommends two methods on how to secure and auto loan (bad credit).

Securing an auto loan with bad credit is often an impossible feat, depending on the used car dealer and its vehicle supply. Prior to applying for an auto loan, obtain copies of your credit reports from the top credit bureaus.

FYI: Reporting credit bureau agencies: EquifaxExperian and  TransUnion are required by law to provide consumers with one complimentary, annual credit report.

Long-term Approach to Cleaning Up Bad Credit for an Auto Loan

American consumers with poor credit rating have two approaches in securing auto loans with bad credit. (more…)

Used Cars in St. Charles MO on Summer Close Out Sale

used cars in St. Charles MO

Access pecking good deals at the dealership for the best used cars in St. Charles MO.

An unannounced close out sale is happening in St. Louis’ backyard. At the dealership, renowned for selling quality used cars in St. Charles MO, bargains are in ample supply on today’s most wanted vehicles. GMT Auto West, used car dealership, preowned vehicles by top manufacturers have been reduced to a special price. There’s a 2013 Toyota Camry L. Based on its fuel economy report, the preowned Toyota delivers 35 MPG on the highway. Four-wheel drive packed into a 2.5L 4 cycle engine, necessitate a test drive.

Compare these summer close out prices  http://www.gmtautowest.com/inventory/newsearch/Used/special1/ available at the preferred dealership for used cars in St. Charles MO.

used cars in St. Charles MO -Toyota CamrySuited for (more…)

O’Fallon MO Dealer Dispels Fuel Economy Myths

Used Cars in O’Fallon MO Sorts Out the Truth About Gas Mileage

Gas mileage

Fuel economy runs high on this pre-owned 2013 Kia Rio LX.

Although gas prices are expected to hold until Labor Day, fuel economy remains a top consideration for many new and used car buyers. A media representative for the used cars in O’Fallon MO dealership, GMT Auto West settles four misgivings about cars and fuel economy.

MYTH: Driving above 60 miles an hour stretches gas mileage.
On the contrary, fifty MPG is the target speed to extend gas mileage, according to a report by Fuel Economy.gov.

MYTH:  All luxury used cars call for high octane fuel.
Five different manufacturers design luxury vehicles, where high octane fuel is optional. For instance, Buick’s 2014 LaCrosse, Regal and Enclave do not necessitate premium gas. In fact we have many luxury used cars for sale well below the National Automobile Dealer’s Association (NADA).

Road test these Buick models at GMT Auto Sales West


<<<used cars in O’Fallon MO

MYTH:  Under inflated tires complement gas mileage.
When tires are under inflated, automobiles lose fuel efficiency by .3 percent, (more…)

Tire Kicking: Used Luxury Cars for Sale

Best Buys on Used Cars Near St. Charles

used cars near St. Charles

Auto buyers prefer to kick tires at dealerships renowned for quality used cars near St. Charles, MO.

GMT Auto West (a dealership) for used cars near St. Charles) buys and sells luxury used cars for sale.

The dealer buys an inventory of BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, Land Rover and other high demand vehicles, using a combination of research, rigorous vehicle testing and competitive pricing.

Here’s a compilation of luxury used cars for sale, currently available at the dealer renowned for quality used cars near St. Charles.

The Confident Buy
With one previous owner, and barely a year’s mileage, this pre owned 2011 BMW cruises well beyond the average luxury used car for sale. The odometer reads 18K miles, delivering

28 miles to the gallon on the highway. Even more enticing is that this BMW arrives with 40 months or 35,000 miles in factory warranties. Then add on the optional CarFax buyback guarantee, and you’ve scored an amazing cat buy.   (more…)

Missouri: 4-Best Travel + Mobile Apps

St. Charles Used Cars Dealership Reviews Missouri Travel Apps

What are the best travel/mobile apps to use when visiting Missouri?  GMT Auto West, a St. Charles used cars dealership highlights five beloved mobile apps to download in Missouri. From road construction, current happenings in Saint Louis or St. Charles–to the latest St. Louis Rams headlines, five travel apps ease getting around Missouri.

St. Charles Used Cars

Travel App - Explore St. Louis’ mobile app helps visitors navigate where to dine, shop and go to experience St. Louis City’s culture and history. The travel applications is compatible with an iPhone or Android, presenting super information value.

FACTOID: In St. Charles, used cars dealership GMT Auto West features an inventory of more than 500 quality preowned vehicles. Add this URL address to your favorites:

Highway – Mobile App – Although Missouri is pretty straightforward to navigate, sometimes road construction and highway hiccups  obstruct standard routs.The Missouri Department of Transportation’s travel app helps tourists and locals avert  traffic congestion, flooded boulevards, work zones, and other unruly roadways.

The STL Rams  - Football fans in  St. Louis rely on one mobile app to stay apprised of the Rams on and off season. Featuring video-on-demand clips, real-time statistics and other team updates, the St. Louis Ram’s official mobile app is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The mobile app lets fans buy tickets. And on game day, check in with a mobile app.

“If you or someone you know are looking for a quality preowned vehicle, with fuss free financing, GMT Auto West is the preferred source in St. Charles used cars,” welcomes a spokesperson of GMT Auto West.

Fishing – Missouri Department of Conservation fast forwards fishing expeditions in the “Show Me State,”  Boat ramps,  major rivers, lakes and streams along with precisely pinpointed sites are all presented on a handy dandy mobile application.

And for the best used car prices in the Midwest, check out the inventory here: >> http://www..gmtautowest.com

Used Car Dealership Doesn’t Hassle Poor Credit Score Auto Buyers

Among many consumers, buying used cars in St. Charles MO negotiates a slew of advantages.

“We distinguish our used car dealership from others in southeast Missouri, by offering numerous incentives and uncomplicated financing terms,” shares a sales representative of the beloved dealer, GMT Auto West.

To be competitive, our used car prices are priced well under the National Automotive Dealer’s Association (NADA).  On any given day, bargain hunters access  hundreds of different previously owned cars, reduced in price.  Next, a user friendly interface enables auto buyers to shop, vehicles according to his or her preferences.  

used cars in St. Charles MO

Auto-buying is fuss free at GMT Auto West, a used cars in St. Charles MO dealership renowned for quality preowned vehicles and easy financing.

In a recent poll, conducted by the NADA, more than three fourth of auto buyers admitted that they found the car buying process to be overwhelming.

At the  preferred St. Charles MO, used car dealership, consumers compare pre-owned vehicles by make, model, body style, year, price and extras. “When consumers (more…)